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Three ambulances, outfitted with advanced life saving equipment, are available round the clock. An ambulance is always accompanied by a specialized nurse. A doctor also accompanies the ambulance if the medical condition of the patient so demands.
The pharmacy is located on the ground floor, of the hospital, and can be utilized to obtain prescribed drugs and over-the-counter medications. The pharmacy also sells items of daily use, such as diapers, paper towels, tissues, soap, etc. The services are available 24X7.
  There is a 24 hour lab which is well equipped to conduct all types of advanced tests.  
  X-Ray, Ultrasound facilities are available round the clock.  
  It is open 24 hours and managed by senior doctors. A 24 hours fracture service is also available.  
We value your feedback. Your suggestions are valuable to us: please contact the floor coordinator, nursing team leader or patient care service coordinator. In addition you may contact the following if you have any concerns related to their departments by pressing the speed dialing programmed on your telephone or by directly dialing the numbers given below:- feedback can be shared with Artemis at feedback@bhardwajhospital.com
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